Why do you photograph that?

That’s a question I got recently, why do you photograph that? It was a colleague asking why I was taking a picture of a sign.

This is the picture:

I tried to explain that I thought it could be interesting, more from an aesthetic viewpoint, than what it contains. I saw a bunch of lines that converged and diverged, and the graffiti on the sign.

To me, an interesting opportunity for a photo, although I readily admit it’s not that great as a photo.

But apparently it was not a photo opportunity for my colleague, they were apparently confused, and might have thought I was strange.

Perhaps William Eggleston would have something to say about it. It sure would be interesting to hear what he might say. He’d probably say it was rubbish, and then swing his camera into action the next second to photograph something similar.

Do people around you think you are weird for photographing certain things?

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