Water, lots of water

Last summer, there was first a drought, then came the rain, so much rain. Many areas close to where I live stood under water, farmers and others were badly affected. Today I visited some farmers with land still under water.

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Politican visits farm

Anna Maria Corazza Bildt is a candidate for the European Parliament in the election in June, and on Friday last week she visited a farm in Nynäshamn. I had the privilege to be on location to take photographs. Here is a selection.

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Today I was at our office at Ultuna, Uppsala. We don’t go there too often, but today the regional board was meeting there, so those of us in the staff that could were invited to come to the office to see them.

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Rules safari

Rules safari (regelsafari) with LRF, other organizations and authorities, to highlight the number of rules and regulations that especially milk farmers have to follow.

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