The temptation of film

I am regularly tempted to buy a film camera and start shooting analog again, but so far I’ve managed to resist.

There is so much to like about analog photography. Like that, the process is slower, with no instant gratification. And the results can be nothing short of magic.

Multiple exposures with a Holga.

I should state that I’ve done a lot of analog photography, although it’s many years since I stopped. But I have developed my own film, both black and white and color. I have done enlargements in a darkroom. I have shot with Hasselblad, Holga, 35 mm, pinhole cameras and much more,

And it was fun, exciting, and produced most of my favorite photos ever.

In the end, though, it came down to time and money that made med quit and sell off all analog equipment.

This was quite a number of years ago now, but when I look at prices for film, chemicals etc. today my jaw drops. It has become so expensive.

I certainly understand why people don’t try analog for that reason alone. And that’s too bad, but the simple reality.

I still think of myself as fortunate having grown up as a photographer during the analog era, while at the same time really loving and appreciating what digital has to offer.

Canon EOS 1v, Tri-X.

But back to the temptation.

I often look at online auction sites and get tempted to buy an analog camera again. My mind fills with fond memories, and I guess I am attracted to them and what they represent.

So far I’ve managed to not fall for it.

But who knows if I one day buy an analog camera again. If for nothing else, to have it displayed somewhere as a reminder of all the good memories.

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