Water, lots of water

Last summer, there was first a drought, then came the rain, so much rain. Many areas close to where I live stood under water, farmers and others were badly affected. Today I visited some farmers with land still under water.

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Nikon D3300

My latest purchase, and replacement for the D3000, is the D3300. I traded up primarily so that it matches better with my main camera, the D5500.

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Morning walk

I have so much work to do for my thesis that it’s a bit overwhelming. And then regular work too, of course. But I’m going to give it my all, and hope it works out. With that in mind, I took a long walk this morning, with the dog and the D3300 and 18-55mm.

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Politican visits farm

Anna Maria Corazza Bildt is a candidate for the European Parliament in the election in June, and on Friday last week she visited a farm in Nynäshamn. I had the privilege to be on location to take photographs. Here is a selection.

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