Are you a hunter or a fisherman?

Sean Tucker in a video about his street photography process says there are two sorts of street photographers: hunters and fishermen. Which one are you?

Hunters, he explains, “moves quickly and is more concerned with finding interesting subjects on the street or actions happening in the moment.” Fishermen, on the other hand, “moves around more methodically looking for interesting lights and composition, and then waits for subjects to move through the space”.

So which one are you?

I am more of a fisherman, for sure.

Although I have done the hunter approach at times, not the least at Power Meet in Västerås. I moved in between the cars, always looking for something to capture me, interest me.

But in terms of more conventional street photography, I’m more inclined to find something interesting and waiting for something to happen, usually a person to appear.

And, of course, this is not a question of being one or the other, it’s almost always a combination.

So which one are you, hunter or fisherman?