Røde Wireless Go

Røde Wireless Go

Hopefully, they’ll give me better sound when I record video.

The Røde Wireless Go, not the second version, unfortunately, will make a great addition to my kit. I found them used for a good price, and I had to get them. Well, not had to exactly, you understand.

I have Comica wireless microphones, similar to the Go, and although the sound is good, I’ve had problems with static and interference. Hopefully, that will not be the case with the Go.

What I’ve done most of the time is actually not to connect the receiver to the camera, but rather connect it to my iPhone, and record that way. That means I can put a mic on a person and record our whole conversation, not just when we record video. That sound I then transcribe and use for text and subtitles — all in one solution, sort of.

I look forward to exploring this microphone further, samples will follow, hopefully.