Nissin wireless flash — a bargain

Recently, I found a bargain, a Nissin Di700a flash for Nikon, which came with a Nissin Air1.

It’s a flash, much like any other, but it can wirelessly “talk” to the camera via the Air1.

Why would you want that? Well, you can take the flash off your camera and put it on, for example, a lightstand. You place the sender, the Air1, in the hot shoe on your camera, and it talks to the flash.

There are many systems for this, even built in to Nikon cameras and flashes, but not in my D5500.

And the real beauty is that the flash and the camera communicates about how much light is needed, it’s just taken care of and works very well.

I can point the flash to the ceiling, and it just calculates how much flash is needed for a good exposure. Magic!

I know this is nothing new, but for me, who has done very little flash, it is magic.

You can also increase or decrease the flash output from the Air1 on the camera. And you can connect several more flashes to the Air1, and put them in different groups, and control each group independently of the others.

I suspect I will be using this flash quite a bit.

Shot with D5500 and Nissin Di700a bounced in the ceiling. A bit too harsh, but not bad considering my limited experience with flash.