ISO 51,200 is the new 6,400

That’s the title of a post at Thephoblograher, that ISO 51,200 is the new 6,400. Is that the case? In any case, we can agree that digital cameras have been getting increasingly good at handling higher and higher levels of ISO.

Chris Gampat writes: “ISO is pretty much becoming almost nothing else but a variability”. I guess he means we don’t have to worry so much about ISO as we used to.

He mentions that they’ve tested a Lumix S5 II at ISO 100,000 and that it works well.

ISO 100,000!

For us that learned photography in the analog days, ISO 400 was high and 1,600 was very high. Remember everyone’s favorite Kodak Tri-X which we used to push to 1,600? And the result was usually great.

So are we now at the point that we can forget ISO?

On my D5200 I shoot without issue up to 6,400, and the camera can go all the way to 25,800, although I am not happy at that level.