A favorite photographer: Gerry Johansson

Gerry Johansson is a Swedish photography, probably best known for his black and white photos of seemingly empty and abandoned places.

When I first saw some of his photos I was hooked. He’s photographed all over the world, but it’s his photos of Sweden I really like. Whether he photographs urban or rural landscapes, there’s no people in them. It seems like he is capturing the traces of people that are no longer there.

When I look at his photos I get a feeling of that I’ve seen that, I could have taken that photo. It’s of course a lot more complicated than that, and, for the most part, I’ve not seen it, and I couldn’t have taken it.

But there’s a familiarity in what he photographs and how he does it that strikes something in me. Partly because they are great photos, but also because they align with my aesthetics.

Here’s an article about Gerry Johansson with some of his photos. He’s called “the world’s most antisocial photographer” in another article. Sound like someone describing me.

Gerry Johansson is well worth checking out.