A favorite photographer: Alec Soth

I will present some of my favorite photographers, starting with Alec Soth.

Alec Soth is based in the US South and seems for many of his projects simply to walk around, in the spirit of, perhaps, someone like William Eggleston (check out “In the real world” if you can). They are on the face of it similar, with everyday events, things, and people as the subjects of their photographs.

But back to Alec Soth, look at his project “Sleeping by the MIssissippi“. I love how he takes pictures of seemingly everyday things, like an abandoned bed frame partly overgrown. Or a gas station at night. I really like how he manages to turn the ordinary things and scenes into something interesting and beautiful.

And look at the colors! Apparently, Soth shoots analog large format film, which explains the colors and at least some of the same feeling in his photographs. I love how sort of muted the colors are.